Why We Use Water Based Inks

Water based inks are a mixture of water with dye or pigment.  The water acts as the main solvent to keep the pigment or dye in liquid form but sometimes co-solvents are used as well.  Though water based inks can be more difficult and time consuming to worth with, we think the extra effort is worth the higher quality product.  Water based inks are environmentally friendly and do not crack or wear over time.  The ink becomes part of the shirt, rather than sitting on top, which results in a softer feel.

Plastisol on the other hand, is the standard ink most screen printers use.  It is easier to use because it is basically plastic, more specifically it is made of PVC particles and plasticizer. Though plastisol is cheaper and easier to use, it is damaging to the environment and results in a lesser product that will crack over time.

It is important to us that we use materials that are environmentally friendly, such as water based inks, because our products promote a love of the outdoors.  Additionally, we believe in producing products of the highest quality and that is only possible with water based ink.

Next time you are out shopping, touch the ink on a screen printed shirt.  If the ink sits on top of the shirt and feels like plastic it is plastisol.  If the ink feels soft and blends right into the shirt it is water based ink!



Sarah Biggerstaff