goosemonkey tees
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Our mission

goosemonkey Tees are made to inspire children and adults alike to seek adventure and explore new places near and far.

Staying true to our commitment to sustainable and fair trade products, all of our designs are printed with environmentally friendly ink on sweatshop-free shirts that are made in America.



It all started with the Mountain Child shirt in December 2015. As fierce lovers of the outdoors, Brian and I have always sought out ways to inspire that same love in our children. Though we are city dwellers we spend a great deal of our time hiking, camping, and walking the trails of our local parks. When our daughter Edith arrived in January 2014 getting outdoors became a #1 priority so that she could experience the beauty and splendor of nature right from the beginning. In the fall of 2014 we combined our admiration for nature and adventure with our artistry. After a few months of planning, the Mountain Child shirt was created!

Since December 2015 goosemonkey Tees has grown by several shirts (and counting!) and one new family member! Elliot Colorado arrived in May 2016 and with his entrance into this beautiful world we are now even more inspired to create kid friendly, environmentally conscious, fun shirts.

We are excited to see what the future holds for goosemonkey Tees and our family!


Our product

From the beginning we knew that it would be more cost effective to play with new designs if we printed our shirts ourselves. The only problem with that scenario was that we had no previous screenprinting experience, so we got started. Brian took a screenprinting class and did his research. Through much trial and error the paper prints started improving and the first shirts were printed. Screenprinting is not as easy as we originally believed it to be and the process has taken longer than anticipated, but as a result we now know exactly what and how we want our product to be.

Since starting our business not only have we learned about the art of screenprinting itself, we have also gained a great deal of knowledge about the various materials involved in screenprinting, namely the inks.  We decided to use water-based ink rather than plastisol ink which is the industry standard.  Only water-based ink is environmentally friendly, safe to use in our home studio and does not crack or wear on fabric. We strongly believe that our product is superior because it is handmade by us with high quality, sustainable materials.